Review of Integrative Psychotherapy: A Mindfulness- and Compassion- Oriented Approach by Gregor Žvelc and Maša Žvelc, Routledge, 2021

John Hallett


Gregor Žvelc and Maša Žvelc have developed the first systematic, comprehensive expansion of the theory and methodology of integrative psychotherapy (IP), a method originally developed by Richard Erskine. They have built on the model by correctly pointing out that mindful awareness has been an integral part of IP, even though it has not been explicitly written about in those terms. As true integrative psychotherapists, they have integrated their mindful and compassion-oriented approach with the models of Erskine and other colleagues (Erskine, 2015; Erskine et al., 1999).


Integrative psychotherapy (IP); mindfulness- and compassion-oriented integrative psychotherapy (MCIP); narrative self; observing self; mindful awareness; physiological synchrony; relational schemas; memory reconsolidation

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