Reflections, Thoughts, and Considerations on Regression work in Group using Online Video Platforms

Claudine Gourbin Adjagba


One of the regrets frequently heard from colleagues in these times of pandemic and restrictions on in-person face-to-face meetings, is that regression work is not possible due to the limitations inherent in videoconference sessions, and that we are obliged to stick to cognitive work, or at best to emotional work but only in the here and now. However, this should not be considered a hard and fast limit. In this presentation I propose an example of group regression therapy via Zoom.

 My purpose here is to suggest the conditions and possible limits to regression work when provided online.

This work is based on the following frames of reference: D. Stern’s developmental model of the sense of self; attachment theories and Integrative psychotherapy theories and methods: the keyhole, the personality models of self in relationship, contact and contact interruption, relational needs, the schizoid process, script system and the concepts of relational trauma prior or cumulative and implicit memories.


regression work; zoom; video platforms; body work; group; work with the body; developmental; model; attachement; theories; theory; sens of self; emotional work; IP; integrative; psychotherapy; methods; script system; relational trauma; implicit memories

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